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We care for the environment while you can focus on work

Current reality requires each organization to follow strict standards. We provide a comprehensive solution for environmental issues, allowing the entire company to work in peace.

Nice 2 meet U: ELM – An environmental engineering company that works for you


We guide and follow every project throughout the process, step by step, and ensure it will bring complete satisfaction to our clients. We follow up with every client and commit to maximum availability throughout the journey until the job is done.


We work with the best. All of us, staff and management alike, research and explore every issue as we strive to find the source of the problem and offer solutions. Each solution we suggest to you relies on our experience, our knowledge, and our unique skills.

Belief in the human factor

We arrive on the field, meet with the relevant entities, and do everything in our power to work with a smile. We love people, we love collaborations, and we believe that by working together, we can reach excellent results and get far.

Ample, versatile experience

We have logged in hundreds of varied projects around the country. As a result, we worked with professionals from all areas of expertise. This ample experience is something we bring to the table with each and every client, each project, and every company.

360 degrees of view

Each problem at our doorstep receives serious, professional consideration and is thoroughly researched. Through our experience and knowledge, we give our best when analyzing the issue and coming up with the most comprehensive and flexible solutions and possibilities.

A selection of corporations and factories who chose ELM to manage their environment

We are proud of all our clients: A wide variety of organizations from all areas and sectors – business, public, and social. Among them, we can count factories, corporations, infrastructure companies, construction companies, municipalities, entrepreneurs, networks, national and national security factories, servers farms, and more.

One-Stop-Shop for everything environmental

In a reality requiring each organization, corporation, and company to deal with environmental aspects management, ELM is offering an end-to-end environmental engineering consultation, including a services package in varied areas of the environmental realm.

היתרים סביבתיים וליווי

Environmental management

קרקעות מזוהמות

Polluted soil

חומרים מסוכנים

Hazardous materials

זיהום אוויר

Gas emissions

שפכי תעשייה

Treatment of industrial waste issues

פסולת ומיחזור

Waste, recycling, and circular economy

ניהול ופיקוח סביבתי

Projects management and supervision

Cost assessment for optimization processes

היתרים סביבתיים וליווי

Writing environmental documents

אפיון וסקירה של מקורות זיהום

Surveying and characterizing various pollution sources

היתרים סביבתיים וליווי

Professional representation with various regulators

מסמכים ואישורים

Providing a professional opinion in legal proceedings

היתרים סביבתיים וליווי

Environmental planning (building factories, city building plans, etc.)

ליווי ופיקוח על פרוייקטים

Environmental consult for mega projects of infrastructure and construction

זיהום אוויר

Implementing procedures and the necessary technology to reduce and prevent pollutants

היתרים סביבתיים וליווי

Writing applications and responses for various environmental permits

The climate crisis and quality of life

Environmental awareness is rising and accordingly, so do the regulatory requirements in Israel and abroad for environmental standards. Organizations, industries, and businesses must face the need to thoroughly examine their environmental impact and implement solutions that will benefit the environment we live in.

As a result, organizations face quite a problem. On the one hand, they would like to fully comply with regulatory requirements, but on the other hand, they don't always know how to do so.

מהנדס מטפל במערכת תעשייתית

End-to-end environmental planning

Every company, organization, entrepreneur, factory, and authority needs someone to help them balance environmental considerations and commercial, operative, and other constraints. We know this issue and experienced it first-hand. Therefore, we founded this company with the purpose of helping every company and organization keep what they worked so hard to build while preserving the environment where their organization operates.

ELM works for you and contributes to your environment

ELM was founded in 2014 by Technion alumni engineers Mor Achimeir and Michael Kuflik. The company was founded just when water and sewer corporations published their requirements. At the time, this field suffered a shortage of professionals who could provide factories with solutions that complied with the law.

As experts in the field, we were approached by factories looking for a comprehensive environmental solution. Eventually, we rose to the challenge by founding this company. We did so first and foremost because we understood that the various corporations and factories have many more needs, regardless of regulatory requirements, and those needs are much more comprehensive than the existing solutions in Israel could provide.

Today, ELM is a prominent environmental consulting company in Israel with a vast portfolio of clients and a significant impact on the market, the economy, our quality of life, and the environment. Many of our clients stay with us for years, choosing us each year anew thanks to our professionalism and the added value of our work.

מהנדסת במפעל מפעילה מכונה

A holistic view of the environment

With the help of a team of leading experts, each in their own field, ELM provides its clients with a holistic solution to the entirety of environmental issues and procedures without compromising our professionalism and integrity. Our company's consultants have ample experience analyzing the environmental impact, characterizing pollutants, and optimally analyzing each client's particular needs. All of those guarantee a suitable solution, cost-effective operation, compliance with dynamic regulatory standards, and a positive impact on quality of life.

You have a safe space for environmental management.

We're here for you. Do you want to ask a question? Need advice? Want to set a meeting? Talk to us.

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